Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lovesick parrot couldn't stop throwing up on owner

Harry the African Grey parrot couldn't stop throwing up. He did it most of all when his owner, David, was about. The vomiting got so bad that David took Harry to Belfast vet Dan Flynn.

It was a puzzle. Harry was bright-eyed and shiny-feathered. He wasn't a sick parrot, Dan discovered, he was a lovesick one. The one who had his heart was owner David.

Sadly, for a parrot, love means chucking a miniature bucketload on the one you love. "Birds regurgitate as a sign of affection," Dan Flynn explained.

"It is quite well documented. Regurgitation and vomiting is a normal procedure for a bird. The father will regurgitate for its young when they are little chicks." Harry has now found a new feathered friend and David rejoices in the luxury of clean shirts.

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DPS parrot blog said...

Regurgitation is not the same thing as vomiting; the latter is the sign of illness and should not be ignored. And excessive regurgitation is not healthy either and should not be encouraged. It's kind of irresponsible for a vet to send off a parrot owner with the idea that they are the same and that it's not a big deal either way.