Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Test Match Special commentators discuss the intricacies of putting on a rubber

Jonathan Agnew found himself on a sticky wicket on the BBC's Test Match Special when discussing a rubber grip on Kevin Pietersen's bat handle.

Agnew, the BBC's Cricket Correpondent, left summariser Michael Vaughan in fits of giggles while the pair were discussing Pietersen's bat repairs. With his air of English innocence Agnew asked Vaughan: "It's not easy putting a rubber on, is it?"

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The double entendre caused ex England captain Vaughan to collapse in laughter after he managed to squeeze out the reply: "No, it's not. I was never good at that."

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Andrew said...

Cut glass English cricket commentary at its very best....the ability to lose oneself amidst such delights whilst all around chaos reigns....