Thursday, July 07, 2011

Boy racer reverses down dual carriageway to evade police

This video shows the moment a teenager intentionally drove down the wrong side of a busy dual carriageway to show off to friends.

The driver of the silver Citroen Saxo was cheered on by onlookers as he proceeded to reverse at 60mph down the same stretch of road near Coleshill, Warwickshire. An unmarked police car gave chase but could not prevent the driver crossing the central reservation for a second time.

YouTube link.

The tear-away driver was able to complete another loop of the road before police backup arrived and attempted to box-in the vehicle, but it squeezed past the patrol cars and sped off, evading capture.

Police abandoned the chase due to concern over the safety of other drivers. The car was later found abandoned 12 miles away in Coventry. The driver had been taking part in an illegal "car cruise" event.


SteveC said...

I hate them as well, but would go as far as fiery death. A ten year ban seems more like it.

Ratz said...

If someone's acting that stupidly, I doubt a ban would stop them.

Anonymous said...

a better end would have been for him to have crashed into the crowd of laughing morons.

nothing of value would have been lost