Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hotel seeks assistant duckmaster

A Memphis hotel said it is reviewing applicants for the position of "assistant duckmaster," an employee in charge of wrangling the hotel's five ducks.

Duckmaster Jason Sensat said the previous assistant duckmaster, Don Fort, is moving to the concierge desk and more than 100 people have applied for the position to ensure the ducks are escorted to the hotel's lobby fountain for daily swims.

Photo from here.

Sensat said he and the assistant duckmaster are also responsible for maintaining a "calm and inviting" environment for the ducks - a 78-year tradition at the hotel - and making sure their $200,000 rooftop nest is kept pristine and stocked with food. "A lot of people think it's just standing in front of people and talking about ducks," Sensat said. "But there's a lot more to it."

The duckmaster said the mallards are released into the wild every three months and new ducks are brought in and trained. "It's basically getting the ducks into a routine," Sensat said, "that allows us to herd the ducks into the area that we need them to be - then back off and let them relax."


Anonymous said...

...following former duckmaster Don Fort's pleading guilty to federal bank robbery charges in May.

MemphisRed said...

Anonymous - Mr. Fort did not rob any banks. You must be thinking of someone else.