Friday, July 22, 2011

Mugshot of hamster issued after being found in police station

Northumbria police have issued a mug shot of a hamster that was found by officers inside Forest Hall Police station.

The furry rodent was discovered by police in the front office of the station in Wilson Terrace on Saturday, July 9. In spite of enquiries its owners have not yet been located. PC Watson took it home to look after while enquiries are ongoing.

The hamster has been named Murphy by police and is described as fully grown, mostly brown with a white underside. Inspector John Smith, of the Killingworth Neighbourhood Policing Team said: "We don't usually have an issue of hamsters in the station and we're concerned he may belong to a family who have lost him.

"We've checked with nearby schools but they don't have any pets so we're appealing for anyone who may have lost their pet hamster to get in touch." Murphy is being well looked after by the shift enjoying bananas and yoghurt treats.

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