Friday, August 19, 2011

Bigamy suspect doesn't remember marrying first wife

A Vero Beach man was arrested on Tuesday on a charge of bigamy, though he told police he couldn't remember marrying his first wife.

Indian River County Sheriff's Office reports Aaron Richardson, 67, of 2195 18th Ave SW, told police that he didn't remember being married to the first woman after he was released from prison in 2004. He did remember marrying his new bride at the Indian River Courthouse in October.

Indian River County Sheriff's Office reports the issue came up when a judge researched a domestic violence injunction filed by Richardson against his first wife, and passed on the discovery of two marriage license and no divorce proceedings to investigators on Aug. 8.

A divorce filing had been made against Richardson by his second wife in May, just eight months after they were married.

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franky said...

another case of criminalising the mentally ill.