Friday, August 26, 2011

Cash machine attacked by woman wielding high-heeled shoe

A woman who attacked a cash machine in Wiltshire with a high-heeled stiletto, is being sought by police.

The cash machine, outside Barclays Bank in the Market Place in Chippenham, was struck "almost 50 times" by a woman shortly after midnight on 2 July. Officers said the woman stood at the cash machine for several minutes before removing her shoe and striking it.

YouTube link.

Both keypad and screen were damaged in the attack. Police are appealing for help to identify the woman. Wiltshire Police released CCTV footage of the incident on Wednesday.

A force spokesman said the reason for the attack was unknown, adding officers did not find the woman's card inside the machine. Det Con Richard Gardner said: "This was a completely senseless and inane act which caused sufficient damage to make the machine unusable for other customers."

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