Friday, August 05, 2011

Fibbing German girl sparks manhunt to cover-up bad haircut

A 10-year-old German girl who gave herself a radical haircut and then feared her parents' reaction claimed she was kidnapped by a man armed with a pair of scissors, authorities said on Wednesday.

Police spokesman Thorsten Schiewe in the northern city of Hanover said the girl ran to a neighbour on Tuesday with the story that someone had broken into her house, threatened her with scissors and held her captive for a short time.

The neighbour alerted the police, Schiewe said. "Officers went to the scene, took down statements and launched a manhunt for a supposed perpetrator on the run," he said. "We dispatched a few police cars."

The girl admitted hours later that she and her brother had found the scissors in the basement and given themselves a major trim.

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