Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sex workshops for pensioners cancelled due to lack of interest

A workshop for pensioners to learn about ‘sex in later years’ in Portsmouth has been cancelled due to lack of interest. The free session, called Generation Sex, was being run by Portsmouth City Council with the aim of encouraging older people to practise safer sex.

It was to be part of the council’s 60+ festival, ‘aimed at exploring the realities of sex in the 21st century’ because ‘sex over 60 can be largely seen as a taboo subject’. A spokesman said the event, which was due to happen at a library on Wednesday, would be “Frank, fun and factual”.

But it appears those over 60 did not agree. A council spokesman said: ‘As part of Portsmouth City Council’s annual over-60s festival, residents were invited to a discussion about sexual health in older people.

‘The background was the risk of sexually-transmitted diseases in older people and the need to practise safer sex. It was decided to cancel the event because too few people booked places.’

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Ratz said...

Just as I started reading this "Skunk Anansie - Hedonism" started playing. The opening lyrics being: "Just because you feel good doesn't make it right". :)