Monday, November 14, 2011

Angry mother chases clamper round car park with bucket of sludge

Angry mother Julia Hazel got her own back on car clampers – with a bucket of sludge and a video camera. The 43-year-old saw red after her son’s car was clamped in Cosham, Portsmouth, and she had to stump up the £205 release fee. She filled a bucket up with porridge, frozen vegetables and food colouring to turn the mixture bright yellow.

Then she went down to the car park, behind the Iceland store in Old Market Road, and lay in wait. When a clamper from controversial firm City Watch turned up, Julia chased him round the car park with the bucket before emptying the contents over the seats of his van. Her friend Vicki Hamlyn, 48, filmed the episode on a video camera. Julia, of Wells Close, Milton, said she felt she had to act after her son was clamped on September 15.

She said: ‘I got a call from my son to say he had been clamped, even though he had left his car for literally two minutes so he could get change for the meter. The situation was disgusting enough but what infuriated me was overhearing the clamper in the background saying “are you going to get mummy then are you?”. At that point I saw red. My son didn’t have the money to pay so I had to go down and hand over the money or else they were going to tow his car away.

YouTube link.

‘Afterwards I realised something needed to be done. I don’t regret it and I believe I was sticking up for everyone who has been affected by the clampers. Someone was being clamped at the time so it spurred me on. Everyone has thought about doing the same. People in the car park were cheering and clapping.’ Police ordered Julia to pay £60 in compensation to City Watch Enforcement for cleaning of uniforms and its van.

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