Saturday, November 05, 2011

Dancing shoplifter tries to steal dresses

A bizarre video of a man dancing as he checks out clothing during an attempted shoplifting trip at a K-Mart store has been posted online by The Gloucester Township Police Department, hoping the public can help identify the man.

The suspect attempted to shoplift two women's dresses from a K-Mart store on Blackwood Clementon Road, according to police. He is seen on the video rifling through clothing when he suddenly breaks out in a dance.

YouTube link.

Later in the video, he's seen being confronted by store security. That's when he throws his stolen merchandise on the ground and runs out the front doors.

He reportedly tried to flee the area in a dark-coloured vehicle, possibly a Toyota Camnry, said police.


shak said...

Video says it's private. Ergo, it isn't viewable.

arbroath said...

I don't know why they did that.

It was the police that uploaded it trying to find the fellow.

Anyway, I've posted another upload now.