Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Trio of teenagers call paramedics after using a fire poker to brand their buttocks

Three Australian teenagers who branded their bums while drinking around a bonfire sparked a major turnout of emergency services on Sunday. Luke Moroney, 21, Blaire Cooper, 21, and Joel Austen, 18, of Toowoomba decided to call paramedics after waking up at lunchtime with hangovers and third-degree burns to their bum cheeks.

The trio had to peel their underwear off their blistered burns and wait for help. However, a miscommunication caused multiple paramedics, fire crews and police to respond to an explosion-type incident with multiple casualties. With sirens surrounding their North St home, some personnel saw the funny side of their explanation.

"Some couldn't stop laughing and took photos on their iPhones," Mr Austen said. Mr Moroney said he didn't quite know why the group had decided to brand themselves with the red-hot fire poker at a party. "I remember putting it (the poker) on my bum cheek then running straight to the dog water dish (to cool off)," he said.

"Now I have to go to the doctor tomorrow because it is infected." Paramedics left the sore trio with some antiseptic cream and dressings. Mr Moroney, who is moving to Melbourne tomorrow, said he would now have to buy a doughnut pillow for his flight interstate.

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