Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why you shouldn't leave little people unattended

A mother who left her sons aged one and three alone while she went to the bathroom returned to find they had decorated the living room with a large bag of flour.

YouTube link.

Via Say OMG.


Fred said...

Poor mom is kinda stuck in an inane "oh my gosh" loop until her final hilarious summary statement. Glad I watched til the end. LOL!

Anonymous said...

This looks fake to me. For one thing, how did those little kids get so much flour high up on the wall's pictures?

Unknown said...

yeah, they did too much damage for one trip to the bathroom

Kevin said...

CNN interviewed the mom. It's real. After filming the disaster, one of the kids fell and split his lip and mom left her kitchen sink running which then overflowed onto the floor. Bad day for mom all around, great fun for the kids.