Thursday, January 12, 2012

Russian cows provided with bras

Cows in Russia's republic of Yakutia – officially the coldest place in the northern hemisphere – have been provided with hand-made fur bras to help survive the biting cold.

­Rabbit fur bras are not a luxury, but a must-have accessory when temperatures drop to minus 55 degrees Celsius.

The triangular bovine brassieres boast three straps, two of which go across the animal’s waist, and the third under its tail.

Local resident Natalia Semenova says many cattle owners have already got used to making fur bras to help keep the milk warm. But others, she says, still find the fashion odd.


Anonymous said...

-55 degrees?! You folks really need to pack up and move a bit south. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

It's not to keep the milk warm - being a mammal, the cow does that's to keep the teats from freezing, if it's real at all.

WilliamRocket said...

...and nobody gives a fuck about the bunnies !

Sandy said...

So that's where a cow's waist is? huh.

Anonymous said...

Is there no breed of cattle native to the region? Just curious.