Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some say school speed limit sign is too complicated

Road signs are supposed to make driving safer for everyone, but one sign recently spotted in White Lake, Michigan, may go a little too far.

It gets very specific spelling out the exact times speeds should drop from 45 miles an hour to 25 in the school zone.

From 6:49 to 7:15, then again at 7:52 to 8:22 and it goes on.

The sign is located near Lakewood Elementary. Some drivers say it's just too complicated.


Unknown said...

Why not just get one of those flashing School Zone signs? Those things are EVERYWHERE around here.

Porker said...

It is too difficult...?

The speed limit should be lowered all the time.

Anonymous said...

No officer, I was going 44 at 2:02pm; your watch must be fast.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. It's a speed trap for the exclusive purpose of creating revenue. A local town where I grew up had some very similar signs. Speeding tickets were their only real source of revenue for the city, as it consisted mostly of crappy apartment complexes and trailer parks.