Thursday, March 29, 2012

Little fella with haircut devastated at loss of Chumlee the pig

Chumlee the pig has a new home, but the Warren, Michigan boy that owned him for months still misses his little buddy. The problem is it's against Warren city ordinance to keep a pig as a pet even though it's legal for a store to sell the pig.

"I want him back," six-year-old Christian LaDuke said through tears. He added that Chumlee meant a lot to him and the two would play together frequently. Santa brought him the pot-bellied pig for Christmas. Soon the pig was like family, even going to show and tell.

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However, Chumlee got loose and a neighbour called the city. "Two days later, animal control was banging on my door telling me you cannot keep a pot-bellied pig in the City of Warren," said Christian's mother, Michelle.

Mayor Jim Fouts feels bad for Christian. "I was very sympathetic. I was hopeful that there was something we could work out. I called the commissioner up. He said, unfortunately, we have a law that does not allow that," he said.


Anonymous said...

Yup, piggy aside, the haircut is child abuse.

Katrina in Houston Texas

Anonymous said...

I was going to call the city on the kids haircut... omg.

WilliamRocket said...

Pigs have a far less record of biting people than dogs.
But I guarantee that the law lets the kid have a pit bull.
Common sense is sadly missing.

Barbwire said...

The haircut is ghastly, but naming him Chumlee? That's really child abuse.

shak said...

@Barbwire - the pig's name is Chumlee, not the boy's.