Friday, March 23, 2012

Woman beats record after being found with almost five pounds of heroin in her stomach at airport

Customs and Border Protection officials say that they made the largest heroin internal seizure at the Washington Dulles International Airport last week. CBP officers arrested a Nigerian woman Saturday on suspicion of ingesting 180 pellets (or nearly five pounds of heroin) in a smuggling attempt at the airport.

52-year-old Bola Adebisi arrived on March 14 from Nigeria aboard Ethiopian Airlines flight 500. During a secondary inspection, she told CBP officers that she was going stay with her brother, but allegedly was unable to tell officers her brother's address, phone number, or give a physical description.

A female CBP officer discovered that Adebisi's stomach was abnormally rigid during a routine patdown. An x-ray at a hospital detected something unusual in her abdomen. According to documents, at the time the affidavit was submitted for criminal charges, Adebisi had passed a number of pellets that weighed more than 100 grams total. Adebisi "expelled the remainder of the pellets" during her stay at the hospital.

According to officials, the 180 thumb-sized pellets weighed a combined 4 pounds, 12 ounces. The heroin allegedly expelled from Adebisi has an approximate street value of about $150,000. That amount of heroin pellets makes it the largest internal pellet seizure at Dulles. The second largest seizure happened March 30, 2011 when Yomade Aborishade of Lagos, Nigeria was arrested after expelling 100 pellets of heroin.

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