Saturday, April 07, 2012

Dog accomplice in bunny breakout

YouTube link.


WilliamRocket said...

Why. The. Fuck. would you keep a rabbit in a cage that small.
Why keep a rabbit in a cage at all ?
They dont attack people, they dont roam the neighbourhood in packs, ripping open rubbish bags, surely it makes more sense to keep the dog in the cage ?. No, of course not, dogs need exercise. SO DO RABBITS ! Rabbits love to run, are very curious, very friendly, but can't vocalise when they are bored or forgotten. Let your bunny roam your garden, just like you do your dog. I would prefer you cage your kids. Caging bunnies is cruel.

Anonymous said...

Because things like to eat them, squish them, run them over, electrocute them. My chickens are in a cage because hawks and bald eagles dive bomb ME to try to grab them. Cages suck, but there ARE reasons. Judging so harshly over something lacking context is ridiculous. Maybe that's just a holding pen, like I had for my ferrets when we needed the front door open and we didn't want their near-sighted asses to fall 3 stories to their death.