Sunday, April 29, 2012

Newborn fawn found on welcome mat

James Chang looked out the window of his parent's Pacific Grove, California home on Tuesday morning and saw there was a tiny fawn at the front door. The white-spotted fawn had just been born and was sitting on a welcome mat.

"I freaked out, because I thought it was hurt and needed help," Chang said. "So I called 911." The 911 dispatcher told Chang that the newborn fawn was likely resting after going through a tiring ordeal, and probably just needed a good nap.

Sure enough, the fawn peacefully slept on the mat while its mother grazed on a lawn next door. Chang, 57, was not the only one amazed by the dainty baby animal. A curious orange cat also stared from afar and did not bother the newborn.

YouTube link.

The fawn eventually woke up and practiced walking by taking its first wobbly steps around Chang's garden. After about an hour, the mother doe retrieved her youngster and the two strolled off.

There's a news video here.

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