Saturday, April 28, 2012

Real-life 'Rapunzel' cuts five-foot locks so her family can afford a new home

A girl nicknamed Rapunzel has cut her hair for the first time to give her family the fairytale home they’ve always dreamed of. Natasha Moraes de Andrade, 12, wept as her 5ft 2in locks were trimmed for the first time. But, just like the Brothers Grimm character famous for her long hair, her story has had a happy ending. Natasha, who lives in a shanty town in Rio de Janeiro, previously slept in a tiny, windowless room.

But her family plan to use the £3000 she earned from selling her thick, chestnut mane to build a new house – with a room for her that will be fit for a princess. The Brazilian girl used to spend four hours a week washing her hair and an hour-and-a-half brushing it every day. But now she has had it cut into a simple bob, washing it only takes five minutes.

Natasha said: “I cried at first when I was at the hairdresser’s to get it cut. I was afraid I wouldn’t like it, and I was also scared I might not get the money I wanted for it. Getting it cut has given me a new life. I used to be afraid every time I went out that someone would grab my hair or try to cut it off, but now I can do a lot of things which I couldn’t do before.

“I’m having cycling lessons and I’ve been able to go to the beach and swim without being afraid of getting my hair wet.” Her mother Catarina said: “I never put her under pressure to get it cut but she was like a prisoner and wanted to do the things other girls her age do.” The family are also finally able to switch on the fan in their house without fear that Natasha’s locks will get caught in it.

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Anonymous said...

I have hair just as long as her hair was and it does not prevent me from doing all the things other girls do. I just braid it and put it up. It takes Only 15 minutes to wash and and about 2-3 hours to air dry outside (my hair is thick). It takes maybe 10 minutes to brush although hers is curlier so if she is tangling it could take longer. I do curl my hair and when I curl it, it takes 30 minutes to brush if it is tangling.

But really, I feel that the writer is over exaggerating how hard it is to have long hair. It is not that hard to live with. There are so many ways to put it up so people don't pull it and so you are not hindered in any way by it. If you wear it down, yes, there are all sorts of problems you may have like getting it stuck on door knobs or stepping on it when you go to stand up.

I do think it is wonderful she was able to get some money to buy her familys home. Wonderful reason to give up her hair and I would do the exact same thing in her position even though I love my own ankle length hair.