Sunday, April 22, 2012

Really brave man rescues squirrel with bag stuck on its head

Doesn't catch rabies.

YouTube link.


Sandy said...

YAY! C'mon, Philly squirrels are tough (and maybe not so smart). I'd be scared of it, too.

Anonymous said...

Squirrel rabies is rare but not unheard-of. Had he been bitten, he should've gone to the nearest clinic for their opinion/expertise.

And besides the danger of a bite, squirrel fingernails (claws) are incredibly sharp. I used to put peanuts on our windowsill for one particular squirrel, and one day he heard me and jumped up to the sill just as the peanut and my fingers were out there, and he totally accidentally put his claw into my index finger, right down to the bone. Didn't hurt me as much as shock me. Spent a good long time with my hand in epsom salts.