Monday, May 28, 2012

Dog holds world record for having biggest eyes

Guinness World Records announced on Friday that 4-year-old Bruschi the Boston terrier holds the record for dog with the largest eyes. Each one measures 28 millimeters in diameter.

According to the Guinness World Records website, Bruschi’s owner, Victoria Reed, didn’t really notice her pooch’s enormous eyeballs until many of her friends and family started commenting on their size. That’s when she submitted an application for a Guinness World Records title.

Reed thinks Bruschi would be delighted if he understood the title he holds.

“I honestly feel like he would be really happy about it,” Reed said. “Some people do make fun of him for his looks, but I feel like he would go up to them and say: 'Haha, look where I am now, I've got a record for my looks!’"


Anonymous said...

Wall-eyed dogs like pugs and boston terriers are just so ugly...
How can they even focus on anything?

Anonymous said...

If they're so ugly, why are you clicking on the url to view this page? These dogs can see just fine.