Saturday, May 26, 2012

Japan's fugitive penguin recaptured after 82 days on the run - Update

A young penguin which escaped from a Tokyo aquarium has been caught after more than two months on the loose in the Japanese capital.

The Humboldt penguin scaled a wall and slipped though a fence at the Tokyo Sea Life Park in March. It has since been spotted several times swimming in rivers running into Tokyo Bay, but had eluded keepers.

The one-year-old fugitive was finally recaptured on Thursday evening. Two keepers went to a river after a sighting of the penguin was reported in the morning. They managed to catch it later that day on the river bank, a spokesman for Tokyo Sea Life Park said.

The penguin - known only as 337 - was being examined by experts but appeared to be in good condition. "It hasn't lost weight," the spokesman said. "It hasn't got fatter either but its health seems good."


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