Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cat survives 120 mile journey clinging to underside of train

Travelling by train is supposed to be a relaxed affair with the chance to rest your feet and maybe have a cup of tea. This wasn't the case for a young male cat found clinging to the underside of a freight train which had travelled to Cardiff all the way from Southampton with no stops on the way.

The black cat with a white chest tuft has been christened 'Thomas' due to his dangerous train ride. He was found at the end of the line by a worker at the Freightliner Limited dockyards on Newlands Road in Cardiff. He called the RSPCA and looked after Thomas at his workplace until they arrived.

Despite his incredible journey, Thomas had no obvious injuries and seemed in good health, if understandably a little frightened. He was then taken to the RSPCA's Merthyr Tydfil Clinic for vaccinations and a vet check and is now in boarding.

“This cat has surely used up almost all of his lives by now and it is still quite unbelievable what he has gone through. Despite being understandably a little shaken after his escapade,Thomas really is a lovely and friendly cat and although he's not microchipped he's in good health and so we are wondering if there is an owner out there looking for him," said RSPCA inspector Simon Evans. The RSPCA is appealing for anyone who recognises Thomas, especially from Southampton or Cardiff, to get in touch.

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