Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dutch firefighters rescue horse from ditch

In Arnemuiden on Friday morning firefighters used a crane to rescue a horse from a ditch. The rescue operation lasted an half hour.

On the advice of a vet a loop was put around the head of the horse. According to the vet the horse has no permanent injury as a result of its adventure.



Anonymous said...

You mean misadventure. Thank goodness their neck muscles are so strong. That image is otherwise quite upsetting. --A.

Anonymous said...

Hung like a horse!

Unknown said...

The horse died 3 days after this - there is NO structure in the neck that makes it safe to put webbing around it for a vertical lift.
Horrific methodology - especially for a vet to approve.

Triple J said...

That vet needs his license pulled. He's a Quack !!!!! Common Sense tells you, you can't do this.