Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Man wins first World Burping Championship

Five competitors imbibed gallons of sugary, fizzy drinks at the first annual World Burping Championship held at Hudson Station in New York.

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Tim Janus, 35, won the contest with an 18.1 second belch after drinking roughly two gallons of Diet Coke and Mountain Dew.

"I was just trying to condense all the air in my stomach and bring it to the surface," said 165-pound Janus. "You just have to force every last bit of air up. It's beautiful, really."

YouTube link.

“The goal of the WBF, based in Geneva, is to restore burping to a place of respectability in Western culture, and to remove the stigma that has attached itself to this practice during the past millennium,” said Sebastian Rothschild, executive director of the World Burping Federation.

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Anonymous said...

As a small woman, people are always taken aback by the ferocity, timbre and sheer volume of my burps! :D
I'm not so good at duration though.