Thursday, June 14, 2012

Police arrest female golfing flashers

Two O’Fallon Missouri women face indecency charges after being hauled off a Madison County, Illinois golf course by sheriff’s deputies, on Monday. The two were allegedly showing their breasts on the course, and someone didn’t like it. It happened at the Woodlands Golf Course in Madison County. Deputies say Shelly Lewis, 45 and Alicia Binford, 43, both of O’Fallon, Missouri, were playing in a tournament at the course.

But this was not ordinary golf outing. Sources close to the course say the annual outing, which many jokingly call the “Naked Golf Tournament,” has been going on for at least six years. Deputies say they received a call on Monday afternoon about nudity on the course. They sent investigators to Woodlands, who sat on a public street and watched. They say what Lewis and Binford did next had them reaching for their handcuffs.

“The investigators observed the two females both to pull down their tops, expose their breasts, Madison County Captain Mike Dixon said, “and jump around for a few seconds and hug a few of the guys with their breasts exposed.” The pair were arrested, and charged with indecency. Both were released on $100 bond. But discussion of what happened hasn’t ended there. The course sits adjacent to a subdivision, and many residents there are very unhappy.

One woman, who would only identify herself as Victoria, said that she’s appalled by what happened. “We have children that live out here. We have a neighbour that has her three grandchildren out here all the time. Our young grandchildren are out here. This is a family neighbourhood,” she said. “And the game of golf is supposed to be a gentleman’s game, and I can’t believe that anybody would allow something like this.”

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shak said...

A "gentleman's game?" Guess we need to start telling the women folk about that. "Get off of that course and back into the kitchen!"

Btw, one of those ladies looks great. I saw this picture previously and would have guessed the two to be much further apart in age than two years.

Unknown said...

Her makeup is just better. They both look like they're around 40-45.

Anonymous said...

Victoria, of the "family neighborhood," is not really "appalled by what happened." She's just mad that nobody wants to look at her skanky old shrivelies.

Boobies and golf are like chocolate and peanut butter: either is good alone, but put them together and they're greater than the sum of their parts. Oh, beer helps too.

Prudes of the world unite! (And move to another planet.)

Wild Rumpus said...

Ohhhh America... where war and killing is glorified, but showing boobies is what corrupts the children... Man does the US have t backwards, or what?

Williamrocket said...

Shak, are you serious ?
They both look pretty good to me and at first glance I thought they were the same woman, second glance that they were sisters.
Regarding the topic, USA is like those strange countries where women have to have everything covered, except their eyes.
Men can freely walk about with their chests uncovereed, but women ?
What issues some people have, I myself was breastfed and hence, have seen uncovered breasts, and have not become a sex maniac or a bank robber.
Where I live (NZ) we have some beaches where nudity is allowed, I tend to avoid them as most people naked are not what I want to see, other beaches its common for people to be topless, even women.
Perhaps some people need to grow up.

shak said...

WilliamRocket - why are all of your posts so angry and judgmental?

Firstly, the age difference to me was a compliment to the female on the left. I thought she was in her 30s. The female on the right does look her age.

Secondly, females in the US are far from being completely covered up. You can see more skin walking around during the summer time than you'd care to ever see. The US does have nude beaches, as well. Maybe you need to educate yourself before spouting off. And most people I know breastfed their babies.

There is not much worse than somebody who thinks they know it all.

Anonymous said...

It's just nudity. Children don't mind, and they're not shocked by it. Most of them were breast fed. They know what a pair of breasts look like.