Friday, June 15, 2012

Police seek man who climbed out of car whilst driving

A motorist is being hunted by police in southern China after he was filmed climbing out of his car while he was speeding at 60pmh on a flyover.

Other motorists in Chongqing city had to veer out of his way as the driver opened his door and leaned out of the car while steering it through lanes of traffic with his fingertips. One - Tian Lu - explained: "I was overtaken at high speed by a car with a young man in it playing music so loud it drowned out my radio."

"Then as he got ahead he started to climb out of the door and clung onto the bodywork. He didn't slow down. If anything he went faster and zig-zagged in and out of the traffic," he added.

YouTube link.

Police say they are searching for the driver. "We have his registration number thanks to other motorists and their photographs. He will be caught swiftly and punished severely," said a spokesman.

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