Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Baby gibbon pesters cat

YouTube link.


Anonymous said...

I have the same reaction to this video as I did to the one of the meerkat in front of a fireplace in someone's house: what is a private individual doing with a wild animal in their house as a pet? These animals suffer horribly to become the plaything of humans. I guarantee you this baby's mother was slaughtered in order to get him away from her. Humans persist in wishing to be slave owners, around the world. We still want to steal such creatures from their natural habitat and force them to be human companions just because "I want one." When will we ever learn? When will we stop and think of the animal's welfare first before indulging our selfishness? Nevermind, don't answer that. Humans suck. --A.

Anonymous said...

I agree.

Anonymous said...

& i couldn't agree more. Stick to cats & dogs, those are domesti...thingie

Cranky Amy said...

If you would read the description on YouTube, you would see she is with a rescue group, not a pet.

Anonymous said...

Cranky Amy, I almost never watch vids posted here at yoothboob, I watch them here. Why wouldn't this blog include such info here? I discovered that many vid posters will *say* they are rescuers in order to keep the comments from going nuclear on them. Sorry, but even if I had gone over there to read the description, that would not be proof of truthfulness. Since the black market in animals is second only to that of illicit drugs in profit, it suits such bad actors, all along the transaction line, to lie to our faces. Your standards and consciousness need to be raised, if you care about animals in reality. --A.

Anonymous said...

Peter Anonymous, well, domesticated animals are different because they are now dependent on humans for their room and board. We domesticated them for our benefit many years ago. They've never known what it's like to fend for themselves in the wild. So they rely on us, now, like we rely on them. Wild animals taken from the wild are in a completely different position. --A.

P.S. NEVER abandon a domesticated animal to the wild, to the outdoors, thinking "they're animals, they know how to hunt, they'll be fine." Nothing could be further from the truth. (And it is a disgustingly under-prosecuted crime.) By that logic, homeless humans should be flourishing on what they "hunt," because after all, we are the apex predator on the planet.

Anonymous said...

So I'm traveling my usual haunts and see this same vid over at lovemeow.com and there is this explanation:

"A rescue stray cat, Chuck, befriends a white handed Gibbon ape.

Dana wrote: We here at MidwestTongs.Com are helping animals in distress through our animal sanctuary and rescue. APEril is a White Handed Gibbon Ape. She is 6 mo old. Her buddy is Chuck a female stray cat that we rescued many years ago."

So I google "midwesttongs.com" and get links to snake handling equipment and snake forums, or this video.

So until something changes, fast, in a credible way, I call bullshitt. Something is wrong and I still fear for the gibbon (and now for the cat too).


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