Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New York hotel toilets visible from the street

You're sitting on the toilet in a New York hotel minding your own business, when all of a sudden someone standing outside on the street waves at you. And they are taking photos. The floor to ceiling windows are not blacked out.

Restroom users at the Boom Boom Room club on the 18th floor of the The Standard Hotel are completely visible from the street below as they do their business, thanks to 10-foot, floor-to-ceiling windows. The toilet-sitters get wondrous skyline views.

But the windows work both ways — much to the chagrin of relief-seekers after they’re told what could be seen from the street. “The view outside is exciting, but the view inside is frightening,” said David Langdon, 55, from Melbourne, Australia. “I saw people waving at me! Sitting on the royal throne, you don’t expect a public viewing!”

YouTube link.

Belinda Langdon, who was visiting the club with her father, mistakenly thought the windows were reflective on the outside. But she realized the truth once she left. “It’s pretty creepy,” said the 24-year-old East Village resident. “The people taking pictures are pervy. You just hope nobody recognizes you on the street.”


Anonymous said...

Either the restaurant is trying to drum up publicity or the builders made a boo boo...lol

Miss Cellania said...

Do you think maybe they just want customers to go somewhere else to do your business?

Nigel Tabb exeter said...

No big deal i dont think anyone would see my pink tiddler