Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Student hospitalised after alcohol enema

A University of Tennessee student was treated and released over the weekend for alcohol poisoning, after police said his fraternity was using alcohol enemas. The UT Knoxville chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha has been suspended. The fraternity, also known as PIKE, is based in Memphis.

Alexander Broughton, 20, was dropped off at UT Medical Center at around 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, Knoxville Police said. Hospital staff told Knoxville Police investigators that Broughton was in critical condition and unresponsive when he arrived, with a blood alcohol content level greater than 0.4, which is considered toxic and potentially deadly. Broughton has since been discharged from the hospital.

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KPD investigators went to campus on Saturday morning and found several other people, including three men, passed out at the PIKE house. After conducting several interviews, investigators determined the fraternity members had used rubber tubing to give each other alcohol enemas. Police said the practice heightens and speeds up the process of alcohol entering the blood stream because it bypasses the liver's filters.

The UT Police Department said this is the first incident on campus that they are aware of which involved that process. The department did not receive any complaints or tips about a large party or event at the PIKE house on Friday night or Saturday morning. At this time, UTPD investigators said there are no signs that hazing was involved in the incident, but they are looking into the possibility. Investigators are working to determine if Broughton was assaulted or made the decision to engage in the behaviour himself.

There's an additional news video here.


Ratz said...

One of my Gran's old nursing books showed how to revive someone from a faint. It involved brandy or black coffee (it didn't specify cold, but I can only hope), a funnel and an anal sphincter. If I found someone doing that to me it'd wake me up from the dead let alone from a faint.

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Anonymous said...

...calling Sigmund Freud concerning fraternity members, rubber hoses, and giving each other enemas.
Is Pi Kappa Alpha a gay fraternity? In that case never mind...

Anonymous said...

wrecked 'em... damn near killed 'em