Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Deer stole packet of cigarettes after attacking men

Joseph Rose and Cole Kellis were leaving their home in Whitehouse, Texas on Friday morning when they noticed a deer in their front yard. Rose approached the deer and he says the deer seemed friendly.

But then Kellis and Rose say the deer then charged them and started to attack. Rose and Kellis ran to Rose's pick-up truck to try to get away from the wild buck. The deer then "poked" Rose in his ribs, so Rose jumped out of his truck into the back-bed.

Rose says he left his driver-side door open and the deer climbed in and took his pack of cigarettes that were sitting in his centre console. The deer starting eating Rose's cigarettes, and when Rose tried to get them back, Rose says the deer got more aggressive.

They then had to call Whitehouse police and the Game Warden. When police arrived they had to taser the deer and then Rose says it took more than 5 men to restrain the buck.

With news video.


Anonymous said...

It is damn hard to give up the smokes.

Minnesotastan said...

That kind of odd behavior could indicate that the deer has rabies. I would have stayed way far away from it rather than climbing on top to restrain it.