Friday, November 16, 2012

Farmer claims diving makes pigs' bacon taste better

Diving helps pigs improve their immunity against disease and improves the quality of the pork, at least according to a farmer in Central China’s Hunan province.

Huang Demin has built a 3-metre-tall wooden diving platform close to his pigsty in Ningxiang county so his livestock can dive on a daily basis.

Huang has to push his pigs hard to jump from the platform, as most do not seem to enjoy the airborne experience, he said. But he added that he believes diving can help the pigs eat more food and grow faster.

LiveLeak link.

Huang also has an economic motivation - he sells the pork from his diving pigs at three times the price of normal pigs at market.


WilliamRocket said...

I detest the Chinese ways more and more each day.
I pay more for items NOT made in China, my vote against the way they treat animals and humans.
Follow my example, or before you know it, in your country, there will be few jobs, and no one will know how to do anything of use.

Anonymous said...

aw, c'mon. clearly the swine are having a great time,
and simply need a little persuasion along the way...

Anonymous said...

The pigs may enjoy the thrill of falling or they may not. Having the pigs in an exercise regime, swimming, is likely to contribute to their overall health. Thus they are more likely to build prized muscle for meat.

Anonymous said...

They don't really seem to mind it too much, you just got convince them to try it. Pigs are curious & like to try new things. I would easily pay up to 3 times more for my pig belly any day, especially if they come from aerial, diving pigs!