Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Police arrest hundreds in London licensing clampdown

Raids across London to crack down on premises flouting licensing laws have led to 297 arrests, police said.

More than 4,000 officers visited 5,830 premises during the 48-hour operation, which began at 08:00 GMT on Friday.

The biggest raid, involving 175 officers, was at 93 Feet East club in Brick Lane, after intelligence about suspected drug dealers operating there. The club was closed down along with 21 other venues, including pubs, saunas and massage parlours.

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YouTube link. Original Metropolitan Police video.

In total 297 people were arrested for various offences during Operation Condor, including theft, immigration breaches, public order offences and possession of Class A and Class B drugs and possession of drugs with the intent to supply.

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Anonymous said...

93 Feet East is a good club. I hope it doesn't stay shut for too long.