Sunday, December 30, 2012

Puppy found abandoned in Ireland is both a good boy and a good girl

A ‘hermaphrodite puppy’ that was abandoned in County Galway by its owners because it had both male and female genitals has been rescued by the Galway Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSCPA) and is being looked after  by a foster family.

The eight-week old lurcher puppy, who has been christened ‘He-She’ by its new foster family, was found shivering under a car near a town in East Galway. It was rescued, taken to the GSPCA animal sanctuary and treated by vets before being re-homed.

The animal welfare group said hermaphrodite dogs are extremely rare. The condition, of having both male and female organs, is considered taboo in some cultures and this is the most likely reason it was discriminated against and abandoned, GSPCA said. “In all my life I’ve never seen a dog or a cat like this,” said Margaret O’Sullivan of GSPCA..

She said that over the coming weeks, the puppy will have to undergo a “double neutering”. Once the ‘sex change’ operation is complete, He-She will “live its life like it is a female”, said Ms O’Sullivan. “We don’t know if it will need hormones after that,” she added. He-She will remain in foster care until a permanent home for it is sourced.


Ratz said...

Until it gets the snip, at least it won't be bored.

Anonymous said...

I had a neutered male cat who began to develop urinary tract blockages--very painful for him and expensive to fix. Then the vet said they could do what was in effect a sex change for him and he would never have the problem again. Apparently it's quite routine. He was in perfect help after that and luckily was a longhaired cat so no one was the wiser.

Miss Cellania said...

House pets get neutered/spayed all the time with no replacement hormones. The point of radical neutering is remove the pet's desire to mate as well as the ability to procreate. So as long as this dog has a good home, she'll be as well off as most pets.