Saturday, January 19, 2013

Baby elephant rescued from well

An elephant calf that strayed from its herd has rescued from the bottom of a well near the town of Bundu in Jharkhand, India.

The animal's cries for help drew a large crowd of local residents, who watched as the calf sloshed about in the shallow water, unable to escape due to the depth of the well.

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"This calf was part of a herd, and was probably a lookout sent to scout the area and signal the others if it finds food. The animal probably did not see the well, and fell in as a result," said a local resident.

The increased encroachment of forestland has led to habitat loss for animals such as elephants, who are then driven to human settlements in search of food. The animal was later freed with the help of a JCB digger, which broke down the walls of the well.

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Anonymous said...

That is so f'ing adorable I can't stand it. The nexus of the joy of the crowd and the insistence of the calf to get as close to escape as possible is sheer joy. --A.