Saturday, January 12, 2013

Conservative minister accused of 'dishonesty' about missed TV appearance - Update

Government minister, Matthew Hancock, has been accused of dishonestly claiming he was only a minute late when he failed to turn up for a TV breakfast debate.

The skills minister missed a scheduled appearance to take part in a debate on the subject of apprentices on ITV breakfast show Daybreak on Thursday after claims he “overslept”. The minister later claimed he “was one minute late for my interview at 6.40am this morning, so they wouldn't let me into the studio to make my case”.

However Daybreak presenter Matt Barbet has now hit out at the Conservative West Suffolk MP and accused him of being 30 minutes late. In a series of messages on social networking website Twitter, the presenter said Mr Hancock, 34, should have been preparing for the interview around 30 minutes before it was scheduled to start.

Mr Hancock was promoted in David Cameron's last reshuffle. He was ridiculed after he in an interview likened himself to wartime leader Sir Winston Churchill and William Pitt, who became the youngest Prime Minister in the late 18th Century aged 24.



BoS said...

I think Matthew Hancock has much more in common with Jeffrey Archer or Jonathan Aitken than Winston Churchill or William Pitt.

Anonymous said...

Typical Tory. If they're breathing, they're lying!