Friday, January 18, 2013

Cypriot man unwittingly took live bomb into police station

 A man triggered a security scare in Nicosia, Cyprus, when he walked into a central police station carrying a bomb he found in his driveway, saying he wanted officers to examine it.

Police said Petros Konafis, 33, a former footballer and now agent, discovered a suspicious device on the rear window of his car and after drawing a blank on what it was doing there, decided to take it to the Paphos Gate for further scrutiny by experts.

Police discovered it was a makeshift bomb which had failed to go off, triggering the evacuation of the complex. It appears however that it was not until the arrival of the bomb squad that everyone realised what they had been handling. “When they came we realised what the object was (and) we evacuated the building,” said Nicosia CID chief Erotocritos Erotocritou.

Police said the object was a "makeshift high intensity explosive" attached to a detonator and a fuse. It was defused on site by explosives experts. Reports said Konafis suspected the incident was linked to his professional dealings. Police spokesman Andreas Angelides urged the public not to pick up any suspicious objects and notify the force immediately if they happen to find one.

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