Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Dangling half-naked tree trimmer with bottle of tequila in his belt rescued from eucalyptus tree

Fire crews were able to safely rescue a tree trimmer stuck in a tree outside a Brentwood, California home on Monday night. Firefighters received a call about a tree trimmer dangling 40 feet off the ground in a eucalyptus tree.

Because of the steep terrain, it took fire crews almost two hours to finally bring the man down safely. He was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. It’s unclear how the man managed to get stuck in the tree, long after his co-workers had left for the day.

When crews finally reached him, the man was nearly naked and seemed intoxicated. “There was an individual who had lost his footing and was hung by a single strap across his chest and around his arms,” said Ryan Schultz, of L.A. City Fire.

“He was up there for quite some time. We found a bottle of tequila in his belt that he had with him up in the tree,” Schultz added. “He was rather lethargic and said he was tired, and I think we know why now.”


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