Thursday, January 24, 2013

Legal loophole means caravans can be used to torment traffic wardens

A crafty caravan owner has outsmarted Edinburgh's legions of vigilant traffic wardens. A legal loophole has allowed a caravan to be parked, just yards from the city's parking attendants' base, on Lower Gilmore Place, 
Fountainbridge, on a single yellow line without the owner having received a ticket. It has been there for four months.

The scenario is understood to have frustrated Edinburgh City Council parking attendants. An unhooked caravan is not classed as a vehicle, meaning it cannot be ticketed for parking on a single yellow line during working hours. In a written statement, council south west area roads manager Dr Andy Edwards said the owner of the caravan had sought legal advice that had backed up his position.

Dr Edwards said: “There is a gap in the law regarding caravans. As a result, if the caravan is not attached to a vehicle then the traffic wardens are unable to issue tickets. If there was someone residing in the caravan, then environmental wardens could take action, but this is not the case.” He added: “We have spoken to the owner, who has taken legal advice.

“However, he did mention that he was hoping that the caravan will be moved in the next three weeks.” City transport convener Councillor Lesley Hinds labelled the anomaly as a “grey area” and said: “The neighbourhood roads team has been monitoring this case and although the caravan’s position does not seem to be obstructing road or footway traffic, we will continue to work with the caravan’s owner to resolve this situation as soon as possible.”

There's a news video here.


Gareth said...

Surely the owner can still be charged with causing an obstruction? Which probably carries a heftier fine than a parking ticket.

Anonymous said...

"although the caravan’s position does not seem to be obstructing road or footway traffic"

Apparently not