Thursday, January 03, 2013

Man assaulted friend with baseball bat after he refused to join him and his wife for a threesome

What apparently began with repeated requests to engage in a ménage à trois ended after a baseball bat came out and a sheriff's deputy was called. Robert Briley, 44, was arrested on an aggravated assault charge following the December 16 incidents that also involved Briley's 40-year-old wife and a man identified as his 37-year-old friend, a recently released Indian River County Sheriff's report states.

At about 3:55 am a deputy went to an address in Vero Beach, Florida, and spoke to Briley's 37-year-old friend. He said Briley wanted him to have sex with Briley's wife. Briley, he said, repeatedly asked him to participate in "a threesome with his wife and him all day long."

Fed up with constant requests to have sex with Briley's wife, the 37-year-old man said he told Briley he'd take Briley's wife to his room for lovemaking. That, the man said, is when Briley got irate and swung a bat at him a couple of times. Meanwhile, Briley's wife said Briley and his friend had been drinking all day. She said her husband wanted her to felate him and have sex with his friend.

She said Briley asked his friend to touch her vagina, but the friend refused. She said her husband swung a bat at his friend after the friend indicated he'd take Briley's wife to his room and have sex with her. Briley said he'd been drinking with his friend, but denied swinging the bat or hitting his friend. Briley was arrested and taken to jail.

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