Saturday, January 19, 2013

Postmen refuse to deliver to home because they are scared of slipping on pigeon poo

Postal workers are refusing to deliver mail to a woman’s home because they are scared of slipping on pigeon poo. Heather Rogers, 63, has been told the amount of bird waste in an alleyway leading to her house is a health and safety risk.

Pigeons gather on top of a wall above the small alley in Helston, Cornwall, and regularly pelt the path with droppings. When Heather noticed some of her mail wasn’t arriving when she went to the post office to pick it up it had been marked ”too slippery”. Officials at Royal Mail have told her that it is up to each postal worker to decide if they want to walk on the pigeon droppings.

Heather said: “I went to the post office and they said they hadn’t been going down there because it was too slippery with all the pigeons. A few of the letters had ‘too slippery’ written on the envelopes. Some come through the door but the rest pile up at the post office.”

Heather says she has called in environmental health officers from Cornwall Council to clean up the poo – but the bothersome birds simply return. Ian Waldron, collection delivery office manager at Helston, said staff had to make their own judgement as to whether a property was too dangerous to access. He added: ”Nine times out of ten they will risk it.”


BoS said...

I was assaulted by a pigeon once. Gave me a serious scalp infection. Basturts.

Patty O'Heater said...

A postman attempted to assault me once, but as he was such a lazy git he failed to make contact and just left.

Barbwire said...

We had a bad infestation of pigeons on the roof, with poop running down the windows, the garage door, the walls, and piling up on the driveway. Took me ages to get management to take care of it. A neighbor actually got psittacosis from pigeon poop. Aren't they also called flying rats?