Friday, January 18, 2013

Tourists at ice festival shoot live chickens with bows and arrows

Festival organisers have caused controversy in northern China by offering visitors the chance to shoot live chickens with bows and arrows.

Bystanders watched as the helpless birds were strung up by their feet in front of an ice wall at the Jilin Ice Festival in Yanji, while tourists took pot shots at them.

Some were left wounded and in agony when the amateur archers failed to kill them. But organisers have defended the event saying: "The game was very popular and people enjoyed it.

Contains graphic footage.

YouTube link.

"We plan to do it again next year and the birds were not wasted, they were all eaten afterwards. The birds were all farm animals and would have died anyway. Why does it matter if it was an arrow or an axe?"


BoS said...

"The game was very popular and people enjoyed it"

Oh well, that's alright then. As long as it was popular. Nothing like a bit of animal torture to pull in the crowds.

DrGoat said...

The lack of empathy in this world is astounding.

sooz said...

This is horrible.