Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Trainee pilot lands plane safely after losing wheel

A trainee pilot landed his stricken plane at a regional airport 130km north of Melbourne, Australia. The pilot, flying solo, was forced to circle the airport for five hours to burn off fuel.

The Chinese student, 21, with just 120 hours flying experience was talked down by his flight instructor, police and aviation safety authorities. The aircraft, missing its back right-hand wheel, came down at Mangalore Airport at about 1.20pm on Monday.

YouTube link.

Fire crews foamed the runway, but the Piper Warrior veered off to the left soon after touching down. The plane lurched, then came to a sudden stop. The pilot remained in the cockpit as emergency crews poured more foam on the plane to prevent a fire.

He was then helped from the plane and walked to a nearby ambulance for treatment. The student’s chief flight instructor helped guide the Chinese student in by radio. Mangalore Airport spokesman Joe Gagola said the student remained calm ahead of the emergency landing.

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