Friday, January 11, 2013

TV news helicopter helps rescue man in runaway speedboat drama

A TV news  helicopter was involved in a dramatic rescue when it spotted a man in trouble in waters off the Western Australian coast near Perth yesterday.

The Nine News helicopter was halfway between Fremantle and Rottnest Island when pilot Brett Campany saw a man desperately treading water as his boat spun around in circles nearby. "I actually thought it was a whale ... it just looked really strange," he said.

After realising he had flown past a man in distress the pilot radioed water police to request help and then threw the man a life jacket. "You could see the relief in his face," Mr Campany said. "He threw his head back and he was pretty happy to see us there."

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Mr Campany watched as the man made a number of unsuccessful attempts to get back aboard his rapidly circling vessel. The helicopter hovered above the scene for several minutes until a private boat arrived and rescued the stricken man. He is reportedly doing well and grateful the helicopter was on hand to help with the rescue.

With additional news video.

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