Saturday, January 12, 2013

Unpleasant pheasant picks on postman

A pheasant is making life difficult for a North Yorkshire postman by lying in wait and attacking him and his van.

Postmen and women often expect to encounter bad-tempered dogs or difficult customers, but Barry Hutchinson, 39, must instead face the wrath of an unpleasant pheasant every day he delivers to the village of Dunsley, near Whitby in North Yorkshire. Once Mr Hutchinson has pulled up in the village, the angry bird chases him between post boxes and jumps up and attacks him.

It even has a go at his van, chasing after it to peck at the tyres. The weary postman said: “As soon as I arrive around this area it will follow me to the post box and I shall then move down to my next call and it will chase the van, pecking the tyres, then maybe it will wait for me and follow me to the letter box.”

Pheasants can be highly territorial birds and will get involved in ferocious battles with competitors. But it is not known why this pheasant has decided to punch above his weight by taking on the postman.

There are two videos on this page.


BoS said...

Where's his black and white cat? Problem solved! Or he could carry a shovel with him...

tony m said...

He could try removing that bright jacket.

Barbwire said...

Nicely put, Kevin: "decided to punch above his weight".1