Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Angry mob set railway station on fire after train runs over two children

An angry mob set Gulaabganj railway station in Madhya Pradesh, India, on fire after two children were killed by a train on Tuesday. The mob vandalised the station property and set the station premises on fire in which one railway employee was killed.

The accident occurred at the Central Railway's Gulabganj station after a wrong announcement was allegedly made about the train. The railway station has no foot bridge, because of which people mostly cross the tracks to reach the station.

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On Tuesday morning an announcement was made for a train leaving on the up line. Hearing the announcement, some people, including the children, tried to cross the down line by crawling under a goods train which was stationed there.

However, the station master wrongly issued a green signal for the goods train, which suddenly started moving, crushing the two children under it to death, railway police said. The children - Mohammad Ali, 5, and his eight-year-old sister, whose name was yet to be ascertained - died on the spot.

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