Sunday, February 17, 2013

Firefighter trying to shoot cow hit partner instead

A car versus cow accident in Talladega County, Alabama on Wednesday night ended with a volunteer firefighter getting shot in the leg.

According to Talladega County Chief Deputy Jimmy Kilgore, two Renfroe Vounteer firefighters responded to the call on Plantersville Road at about 8pm.

While they were trying to move the injured cow out of the road, the animal became agitated and attempted to charge at one of the firefighters. The firefighter pulled a handgun and shot at the cow but missed, instead hitting his colleague in the lower leg.

The injured firefighter was transported to Regional Medical Center in Anniston. No word is available on his condition. Kilgore said both men agreed the shooting was accidental, and that no charges would be filed.


Anonymous said...

Two points:
1 Firefighters with guns?
2 responding to point one and most of the stories listed today; Only in America!

SteveC said...

My points exactly. Why do fire fighters need to carry guns?

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of gun rights freaks in the south. Also, it's becoming more common for criminals to shoot at first responders for fun. There are parts of cities now that EMT's and firetrucks won't go into without police escort.

Barbwire said...

Another brilliant pic. Thanks, Kevin.

Anonymous said...

"There are a lot of gun rights freaks in the south."

So people with whom you do not agree are "freaks"? What a thoroughly enlightened point of view.

Anonymous said...