Saturday, February 02, 2013

Ghost of former landlord appropriating pub manager's iPhone caught on CCTV. Possibly

A pub manager thinks he caught the ghost of the dead landlord on CCTV hurling his mobile phone across the bar. Ajay Cohan, 30, captured the incident at the New Talbot, in West Bromwich, West Midlands, when he checked the security tapes to see what happened to his iPhone. Ajay was baffled when his mobile phone vanished from inside the main room of the 100-year-old establishment while he was cleaning it in the early hours of the morning last Tuesday.

But when he checked CCTV cameras back footage showed his mobile mysteriously disappearing from the chair at 2.30am. Locals say the chair was the favourite seat of former landlord Gary Stephens who would sit there and enjoy a pint with punters until he died in 1993 of a heart attack. Ajay found his phone on the floor the following morning over the other side of the pub and believes the incident could be the work of Mr Stephens’ poltergeist.

Ajay said: “It is really spooky, my family all live in the pub and we’ve been a little scared ever since. It was crazy when I watched back the footage, no-one was near it and then it just flies off the seat and across the pub. There is no explanation. The vibration function on my phone is broken, there is no draught inside the pub. It just looked like an invisible hand had grabbed it and thrown it across the room. The dog refuses to come downstairs now, he goes mental so we have to keep him upstairs.

YouTube link.

“It’s really freaky,I’m a sceptic about these kinds of things but when you see things like that it makes you think twice, I’m trying to stay sceptical but that’s hard. A few people have been saying it could have been his way of telling me that was his seat.” Pub local, Phil Lambert, 45, who has been using the New Talbot for over 20-years said: “There’s always been rumours here that the place is haunted, its a very old place. I remember the old landlord Gary, when he had a drink with the punters or after work that would always be his seat. It is a very odd coincidence – that’s for sure.”


Anonymous said...

Oh, puhleeze. CCTV? That was a handheld camera of a sort. It was directly on the seat and the phone. Plus, it was zoomed in on the phone. It definitely did not go flying across the room. Suddenly, the camera backs up and focuses on the pub owner, who is looking for his phone. Nice try at generating some publicity for your pub.

BoS said...

There's this thing, dunno if you've heard of it, called "gravity". You might want to look into it.

Anonymous said...

Annonymous: That was a CCTV image being filmed on a camera phone. You can see the time reading along the top of the screen as the phone zooms out.
Anyway, get this folks:
The phone fell off the seat. Easy!