Saturday, February 16, 2013

Giant stomping rabbit scared burglar out of family home

A petrified burglar fled a family home in the middle of the night after coming face to face with their giant pet rabbit. Kimberley May, her fiance Martin, and their three-year-old daughter Olivia were all sound asleep when the thief broke into their house. But as the raider rifled through cupboards the noise woke up Toby the family’s British Giant bunny in his kitchen cage.

The 4.5kg, two-feet long pet began stomping so loudly on the floor that the intruder was caught on the hop and left. Kimberley, 30, said: “We went to bed on Wednesday at about 10pm. In the early hours of the morning Toby our rabbit did five loud thumps. I sort of half woke up then realised he’d stopped and went back to sleep. When I went downstairs every single cupboard and drawer were open, there were bits out everywhere, then we started noticing things were missing and we phoned the police.”

Kimberley is convinced that two year-old Toby’s thumping scared the thief off from their house in Plymouth, Devon. She found a hoard of items left piled up on the sofa which she thinks the burglar was preparing to take but left behind. She added: “We think that when the rabbit thumped it scared the burglar off and they left all the stuff they were going to take. He’s like a little dog, if you whistle him he comes.

“The rabbit was just traumatised in his cage, shaking. He’s usually really friendly but he tried to go for the policeman.” Although the thief managed to take some valuables Kimberley fears the break-in could have been even worse had it not been for Toby. She added: “If he hadn’t been scared off he could have come upstairs looking for things. My daughter was asleep up there – it could have been really dangerous. Toby has done the job of a guard dog. We’re so proud of him.”


Anonymous said...

There's GOT to be a Bugs Bunny joke in here somewhere ...


Anonymous said...

or the burglar should have brought the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch